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    • There will be a product deposit fee of RM399 incurred for installation, which will be partially refunded if you decide not to proceed after the 30 days trial period, otherwise it will be rebated with your purchase.
    • Terms and conditions apply


    The Trial period is up to 30 days. Commencement is the day after the One Tap has been installed. (Tap installation day is Day 0) 

    Yes, the One Tap Home Trial is applied for all models and colours. Trial users can select a specific tap model (2-in-1 or 4-in-1) and colours (Chrome or Matte Black). (Regardless of the tap you choose, it will come with instant purified ambient & hot water up to 98°C) 

    A deposit of RM399 is required at the time of booking and payment is to be made on our website only. Add One Tap Home Trial to cart and checkout as you would normally do for an online purchase. We will contact you within 2 working days to arrange for the tap delivery and installation once we receive your booking. 

    The Trial will cost you RM229, which is to cover delivery & installation services, documentation, tap inspection & a soap dispenser (Applicable only for the 2-in-1 tap. To cover the hole after the tap had been dismantled).  

    You will receive your refund to your original mode of payment, which will take up to 14 days to process from the time the confirmation of refund email is sent to you. Refunds will be calculated as follows: RM399 (Deposit) – RM229 (Processing Charges) = RM170. So you will receive RM170 as a refund. 

    If you decide to purchase the Intrix One Tap, the Trial is free – we will cover all logistics and tap handling costs. A RM399 discount will be given to you and can be used for the purchase of Intrix One Tap (Outright / FlexiOwn) on our website.

    • Incoming water inlet  
    • 13 Amp Three Pin Plug Point (In case an electrical plug point is not available beneath the kitchen sink where the One Tap’s boiler is installed, our installation team will pull a wire from the nearest plug-point, within a 3-meter distance, and install a new plug-point there.) 

    A soap dispenser will be given to cover the hole (Applicable only for the 2-in-1 tap). Picture as shown.  


    One Tap booked which have not left our service centre for delivery and installation may still be cancelled. Unfortunately, One Tap that is already on its way to you or installed cannot be cancelled. 

    To cancel your booking please submit your request to [email protected] with your order number within one day from your time of booking. For successful booking cancellations, we will refund your booking amount and deduct a cancellation & handling fee of 5%. You will receive your refund through your mode of payment within 30 days. 

    You are required to sign a One Tap Home Trial terms & conditions form upon One Tap’s delivery/installation and return. 

    The Intrix One Tap comes with a User Manual that states how to use the One Tap. Our installer will also guide you through the usage demonstration after the installation had been done. 


    One week before the Trial ends, an email will be sent to you explaining the One Tap Return or One Tap Purchase options you can take. 3 days before your Trial, we will give you a call to confirm the options you decided and the next step to proceed further. 

    No grace period will be given nor exceptions granted in the return of the One Tap. The Trial period is defined as a total of 30 calendar days, commencing one day after tap installation which is taken as Day 1. 


    Repair charges incurred for damaged One Tap will be borne by Trial users in accordance with One Tap Home Trial terms and conditions. 

    Cost of replacing missing parts will be borne by Trial users in accordance with the One Tap Home Trial terms and conditions. 


    Yes. You can call us at 012-2482329 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you. 

    For a full list of our terms and conditions, please click here

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